Teddy Tutson


2014 ALBUM : "Ain't Gon' Be No Peace"

Teddy Tutson - Ain't Gon' Be No Peace

My NEW album, released August 2014, is now available for immediate digital download. 1 full hour of brand-new material available in both VIDEO and AUDIO formats. Get your copy now - delivered to you immediately on checkout.


Debut Album : "Fucking Solutions"

Teddy Tutson - Fucking Solutions

My debut album Fucking Solutions is a collection of material covering subjects like the naming of hurricanes, Steak & Blowjob day, how terrible CBS comedy shows are, and more rants about the state of the world. It's now available digitally - so get on it.


Straight Riffin' Podcast

Straight Riffin' Comedy Podcast

108 : Dwayne Perkins

This is it, riffolonians. The FINAL episode in the epic saga that is and was Straight Riffin. Dwayne Perkins brought it hard, fast, loud and hilarious like only Dwayne could. We talked about success, the ridiculous chasm between platinum status between countries of the world, language barriers, Dwayne?s ?CAKE? system (and Mitcz?s attempt to re-word […]


Modern Age Revolution


In the fall of 2012, German-language publisher Steidel announced that it was working with The Gordon Parks Foundation to produce a series of five books that serve as a retrospective of Parks’ photographic career. The book begins in 1942 with … Continue reading